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Plenty of useful tips to keep you balanced every day.

Dod MoMo

Happier with WHOLE on iOS

WHOLE makes me smile every time I open it. I'm reminded that everything is going to be okay if I just focus on myself

Chuck Jr.

Happier with WHOLE on Android

Great app that has made me much happier! I highly recommend trying it! ❤️


Happier with WHOLE on Android

Have fun while building healthy mental habits

WHOLE offers users a fun way to build healthy habits that can help improve mental health. Try some of over 100 science-backed activities to boost your happiness and measure your progress with advanced stats that even include your very own happiness score!

Social media that is actually good for your mental health

Engage with others through social media, but in a positive way through our gratitude feed. Read and react to countless shared moments from the community to help you realize and appreciate what is most important.

The WHOLE Ecosystem

Join us in building the strongest mental health and happiness community in the world!

The Happy Broadcast

Over 1M people on social media focused on positivity and happiness


Anxiety Free News

Daily news videos focusing on the positive things happening in our world


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