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WHOLE, by The Happy Broadcast, is a mental wellness app designed to be your companion on a journey towards a happier life. The app includes daily mood-tracking, guided journaling, a social gratitude feed, breathing exercises, hydration reminders, sleep sounds, meditation and many more activities that you can try to create a truly custom experience tailored to your everyday needs. The intuitive and beautifully designed app helps you develop simple daily habits that can help improve your overall mental health and wellness.

WHOLE was born from a community on Instagram known as The Happy Broadcast (Instagram). Since 2018, The Happy Broadcast has delivered positive news to a growing community of over 1 million people across the globe. The focus on positive news, delivered in a fun and visually pleasing format, has served to delight millions of people and spawned a movement to de-stigmatize issues of anxiety, depression and mental health. Over the years, research has confirmed the power of positivity, and WHOLE aims to help harness that power by becoming a personal trainer for your mental health, leveraging information, techniques, and activities that build a better and stronger mental state for users.

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